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Our History Of Growth And Quality CraftsmanshipSince the doors opened on Tim’s Wood Shop more than twenty years ago, attention to detail and quality has been the rule of the day.

Tim’s Wood Shop began in 1985 as a furniture shop. Soon, owner Tim Crabtree saw the demand for high-quality, custom crafted wood floors, solid doors and wood trims, and so he began to grow his business into what it is today—a quality wood craft shop employing six of the area’s most skilled woodcraftsmen who, combined with Tim’s experience, bring more than 70 years of woodworking experience to the table.

Focus On The Product

Tim knows that he can provide the best products by focusing efforts and resources on producing a few, high-quality items rather than on attempting to provide every type of wood product. Recognizing the great demand and value of floorssolid doors and wood moldings, Tim’s Wood Shop has made these products his mainstay of business.

Handmade wooden hardwood floors, hardwood doors and solid oak doors are manufactured individually, crafted specifically for each individual order.

There is no minimum or maximum order size, and Tim’s Wood Shop is just as happy to fill an order for a single entry way hardwood floor as one for a complete house.

Focus On The Customers

Customers are the heart of Tim’s business.Tim recognize this and understand that every customer is important to the success of their wood crafting business.

Tim and his team are happy to meet or talk with you to discuss the options Tim’s Wood Shop can offer you for your handmade hardwood floors. We are standing by and will be happy to field your call, contact, or email inquiry.

Contact us, to learn more about the handmade hardwood floors, solid wood moldings, solid wood stairways, and solid doors manufactured in Tim’s Wood Shop, in Ohio.

Then, when you are convinced we are the right wood shop to handle your solid wood flooring, molding, stairway, or handmade hardwood door order, contact us! As always, every order is highly valued and greatly appreciated.

Why should you work with a crafter of fine custom floors? A floor is an important functional element inside a home.

The great news is that you have just located the website of an Ohio-based hardwood flooring company that proudly specializes in custom chevron, custom herringbone and custom rift floors. We want to earn your business again and again by making the nicest floors for your needs.

When you want to add a personal touch to your home or commercial building, you should consider the purchase of a custom made floor by Tim’s Wood Shop.

We’ve got a variety of doors for different consumer purposes. Look around our website for examples of Ohio Handmade floors.

When you put the right wood flooring in the right space, you get a long-lasting solution.

For more information about our company, and certainly to get a free quote on a custom hardwood floor, please call us at 740-286-4535.

It is a great honor to tackle your next custom floor. We enjoy the work we do here at Tim’s Wood Shop, and we can’t wait to put our skills to work for you! Thank you for considering our company by visiting our website!

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